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NIRBHIK THE MIND HACKER respects the privacy of its clients and of the users of its website (the “Website”). This document details the privacy policy used on the Website and also set forth how the Company uses the information obtained from the surfers of the Website.  By continuing to browse the Website, you agree to this policy and to the Company obtaining personal information about you under this policy, as detailed below.

While browsing the Website, information is collected about you, such as your name, telephone number, electronic mail address, cookies, duration of time spent on the Website, and IP address.

The Use of Information
The Company may use the information obtained only on the basis of this privacy policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law in order to provide marketing content about the services of the Company, such as relevant information, updates, shows, etc. This content will be communicated to you via electronic mail, telephone, or ads that will be displayed on sites you have visited or will visit in the future.

Providing Information to a Third Party
The Company may transfer the information received through the Website to various service providers, who provide the Company with services in the field of advertising and marketing, in order to assist these providers in transmitting marketing and advertising content to users of the website, and to companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn to display marketing and advertising content on the websites of these companies. Other than as set forth, the Company is not permitted to transfer the information to third parties, apart from exceptional cases, such as the following:

  • as required by law;

  • in the case of a legal dispute between the Company and the user, as necessary in connection with dealing with such dispute;

  • if the Company sells or transfers the Website to any third party – of if the Company merges with another company.

The Website uses cookies, which are materials that are downloaded to the device from which you browse the Website. This is in order to collect relevant data about the use of the Website and to display marketing or advertising content on the Website and other websites.

Advertisements of Third Parties
We enable other companies such as advertising companies, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like, to display advertising and marketing content related to the Company. For this purpose, the Company may transfer the information collected to these companies. The use of personal information that these companies make is in accordance with the privacy policies of these companies.

Changes to Privacy Policy
The privacy policy may be amended. In the event of a change, the Company will republish the updated policy on its Website. You can be updated about this policy from time to time.  Each inquiry to the Company must include your full details, including mailing address and electronic mailing address for contact.

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